Tuesday, 11 May 2010

King of the Hill - 10mm / 6mm terrain for Warmaster

Hello all!
One of the few things that our gaming table really needs are more hills. Some of the old ones I made are too steep on the edges to allow units to stand on them without sliding down - which is very annoying.
So I've made some more (and larger) during the spare time available the last months. 
One of which (the one below) has a secretive hill burrow made by that cheap and reliable company called Irregular Miniatures. It is part of their 6mm range which I use because of the ridicoulous low pricing and as I think the scale looks better alongside 10mm miniatures. 
It might interfere with the armies moving across it but I just couldn't resist using it on one of the hills, and the result is fairly nice - adding a bit of detail to some otherwise very flat and uniform hills.

The unpainted burrow can be seen here alongside some wooden gateways from the same company and one of the - still - unpainted section of wall.

 My son partaking in a creative session :-)

The cut hill shapes, cut from thin mdf.

The hills after the contours have been made with wall sparcle and the first layer of green paint applied.

Finished, after a fair bit of grass has been applied. They look very flat in these pictures but there is actually a fair gradient to them but I couldn't go overboard or the units would be floating down their sides once again.

Hope you like them - very cheap and quick hills ready for Warmaster games :-).
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