Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Empire Handgunners - 10mm Games Workshop

Hello all,
My first foray into 10mm was when Games Workshop presented us 28mm gamers with the brand new and exciting world of "God's own scale" (10mm of course!) with the game of Warmaster. As my friends persuaded me to try this new and weird game I bought a few of the models from their Empire line - believing that I would never be able to paint such ridicoulously small minis. 
As the years passed and my friends forgot about this game I continued thinking of how much better the rules and games were than the "herohammering" of Warhammer and as the shops began desperately trying to unload their Warmaster minis I bought these whenever I saw a great offering. Many of these - for some unknown reason - seemed to be the Empire Handgunners of which I have amassed quite a few units.
They were eventually painted (and I found out how painting 10mm is quicker and actually easier than 28mm) and are great minis - full of detail and with many different poses.
The following bucketload of photos are some of these units - five to be precise. They are each painted in the main army's colours of white and red, with each unit having a subtle (alright maybe not so subtle) colour code to differentiate them from the other regiments. 
Today they mainly see action as different types of missile units (last appearance was as massed ranks of Yorkian longbow archers in the battle against Cathago and the evil Teutonians).

Anyways, hope someone out there enjoyed seeing them :-).

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