Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wild Bunch II - Saxon Fyrd

Hello all - another week and another warband done. That painting rack is a great help as I can always grap it and paint for half an hour or any amount of time available in between crying children and making food etc.
This time its a Saxon Fyrd from Magister Militium, I believe - another ebay'ed unit so not entirely sure. If anyone knows the precise type I would greatly appreciate any information about it. The green/white colourscheme is the same as for the rest of the more unruly elements of my armies, and the unit should be useable as both a carthagenian, celtic or viking warband.

I really like how the standard bearer looks like a huge fellow - the command stand might be from a different pack as they seem a bit more viking-like.

The miniatures themselves were okay - not great and not crap. A bit too many of the same type but that does help them look more like a "unit". I used a dark blue for the trousers this time, which seems better than another white as I did for the last unit.

Update: Thanks to a kind reader named Gareth (thanks!) most of these have been identified as Magister Militium Sarmatian Medium Infantry (SRM4) with a few Viking command figures (a weird mix, but hey, its 10mm!).

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