Monday, 16 November 2009

Wild Bunch - Romano British Spearmen

Hello all!
I managed to get a few more minis painted - another part of the more "undisciplined" part of my army. They are to be used as everything from Warband-type celts, vikings etc to skirmishing light infantry. The green/white colourscheme is to tie them in with the rest of the "wild" bunch army elements.

I'm not sure what type and brand these are as they were bought on Ebay but I believe ther Kallistra's Romano British Spearmen - definately not their best models but still a pleasure to paint.

Not sure about the red/green combination - it looks alright from afar and the shields are fine but the banner needs a little something, and they could have used a different colour for their trousers - oh well, maybe next time :-).

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  1. hi.
    Nice painting, but I think you should highlight your banner and shields with a brighter green. Then you should see the red cross better IMHO.

    or, maybe for another unit: use a derker green paint, and then highight it with this shade of green. Don't be afraid to use bright colors for highlighting, especially in 10mm


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