Thursday, 5 November 2009

Free Models and New Bases

Hello all - well in a moment's weekness I decided that free minis does not increase my feeling of guilt when looking at the piles of unpainted models. A company that I was unfamiliar with (15mm) where offering a free bag of their new Orc Command pack and all I had to do was pay for the shipping.
So I now own my first 15mm models and although they are fine and all that I must say that it proves that 15mm just isnt for me. It seems they have the detail of the new 10mm but are more expensive while loosing that "Grand Sclae" feeling that I like about 10mm.
The pack itself consists of 16 models that are well sculpted and full of character - would make great "disciplined" Ogres for those still trapped in Warmaster Ancients.
I guess I might get around to painting them at some time but until then they will be far down the que.

The company's own pictures show all the detail well
- I especially like the old wizard orc

while the boar mounted leader (a two part model)
reminds me of some of the early GW orcs.

The unpainted lot, which is the way they will stay for a long time (probably) :-).

I also took the oppurtunity to purchase some of the company's bases which seemed a great deal at 12 for 1£ and I am very satisfied with them - they are ultra thin, maybe a single mm each and seem sturdy enough. Only thing is that they seem to display an uneven length where some are a tiny bit longer than others - wont be a problem once the banners are flying but I wonder why they would be cut unevenly. Anyways, still a great price.

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