Monday, 26 May 2014

Tribal Beastmen from Fenris Miniatures (on sale for -20% now!)

Hello all,
The last of my spring ebay-shopping spree included a nice selection of Fenris miniature (who, I just noticed, is having a sale with 20% discount on everything, including this range).
The Fenris Beastmen fit very well with the older Citadel beasties, but have a much crispier finish and are very well sculpted. Indeed Fenris is becoming one of my favourite companies for fantasy.
The first three is an inverted beastman (his lower body is turned 180 degrees, so that is his tail he is holding), a female gazelle like beastman, and a huge brute whose left side is twice as big as his right. A massive fist!

Fenris, miniatures, beastmen

The following two are a small warthoggish beastman, armed with a sickle, and the natural leader of the pack, a huge brute, carrying a large bone around for clubbing humans.

Fenris, miniatures, beastmen

Just to show the size of the leader, here he is next to an old Citadel Minotaur. A very imposing creature.

Fenris, miniatures, beastmen

These beasts appear to be a nice alternative for beastmen of the more rural, tribal type. Their weapons are unsophisticated and primitive and they have little clothing and no armour.

They are super sharp sculpts, little clean-up needed, and the type of minis that you cannot wait to paint. Highly recommended if you spot them cheaply on Ebay.

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