Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Zombicide! Ipod Zombie (Painted Runners I)

Hello all,
More Zombies! And this time its those feared Runners - double the speed of normal Walkers, these zombies will get their Brainzzz much faster and thereby spell the destruction of your Survivors.
Although a very quick paint job they did turn out quite intimidating:

Zombicide Zombie Painted Runners
 Although I'm not that much of a fan of quick zombies these are scary Zombies!
Zombicide Zombie Painted Runners
Pros: Great mini - looks intimidating and scary. Fun painting - good details, little flash and no unidentifiable details. The Ipad (which I for some time thought was a stethoscope...) is a fun detail which makes them very modern,a s do the running fear. Great face (if you can describe the brainhunger as great).
Cons: Nothing really negative - perhaps the Ipad is a bit weird, especially as you need to turn the mini around to figure out what the weird wire is. Not liking the tab under  the raised foot, but in realit you do not really notice it.
All in all a great mini that looks the part it plays in the game. Also, you should paint the runners first, it is really important to be able to identify these quickly in the game,

The zombies are divided into four classes; Walkers (your average slow moving, easy to kill zombie although they spawn by the million), Runners (quick and semi intelligent, most likely candidate to destroy your Survivor), Fatties (Huge bloated master zombies - hard to kill at first but halfway through the game you'll fear the runners more) and finally the Abomination (the super-zombie-tank-destroyer-thingie).
In each tray there is two types of Runner (8 total), five different models of Walker (20 total) and one fatty (4 copies) so each tray holds 32 zombies, while the abomination gets his own little tray - he would probably just eat the other zombies otherwise. (So I got 96 zombies, two Abominations and nine survivors in the initial Kickstarter pack - that's a lot of zombies!).

Stay tuned for the rest of the zombies!

All the best,

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