Thursday, 15 November 2012

Zombicide! Abomination 1 (Painted Zombies)

Hello all,
Another of the Zombies from Zombicide! This time it is one of those insane Abominations. This guy hits like a wrecking ball and will only die when you smash him over the head with a molotov cocktail.
So does the mini convey this utter bad ass character?

To be honest, yes he does look bad ass, and will scare all survivors not presently toting a cocktail of doom into the fartest corner of the city. His head is about the size of a 10mm mini...
A great mini, fun to paint and there is quite a few weird details on him. Apart fromt he obvious spikes protruding from his oversized body, he has a small camera around his neck.. A camera? I guess they meant this to indicate something of what he was up to before become the ultimate tank-zombie, but why a tourist? But it was fun to imagine him as a fat German on holidays who got a bit too close to whatever caused the outbreak of zombification.

Good fun, and can't wait to paint another!

The zombies are divided into four classes; Walkers (your average slow moving, easy to kill zombie although they spawn by the million), Runners (quick and semi intelligent, most likely candidate to destroy your Survivor), Fatties (Huge bloated master zombies - hard to kill at first but halfway through the game you'll fear the runners more) and finally the Abomination (the super-zombie-tank-destroyer-type zombie).
In each tray there is two types of Runner (8 total), five different models of Walker (20 total) and one fatty (4 copies) so each tray holds 32 zombies, while the abomination gets his own little tray - he would probably just eat the other zombies otherwise. (So I got 96 zombies, two Abominations and nine survivors in the initial Kickstarter pack - that's a lot of zombies!).

Stay tuned for the rest of the zombies!

All the best,

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