Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Zombicide: Initial impressions

Hello all,
As I mentioned earlier, I was one of the lucky ones who backed the game Zombicide (produced by Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games) on Kickstarter. After a lenghty discussion with the Danish custom authorities (argh!) I finally got the game home this weekend and thought I would just share my initial impressions with you guys.
Also, weirdly enough, the game arrived on the same day we threw a Zombie birthday party for my son - hence the picture below

The blogger considering wether or not to slay this young zombie - notice the T-shirt :-).
So, initial impressions (I'm planning on painting a few zombies tonight and playtesting the game with a few friends next week, so stay tuned!)...
* The game looks and feels amazing. High quality and tons of details.
* The rules seem well-written (a few errors and discontinuities aside) and simple enough to produce a great cinematic game, without having to look up every last move in the process.
* The ton of miniatures are of an adequate detail level (I'll know better once I get a few painted). The soft plastic doesn't seem an issue. They seem to be quite tall - i.e. Games Workshop tall. And the amount of minis is just stupefying - especially with the Abomination add-on I bought.
* Also, I cannot help but be amazed at the skill with which they have packed so much content into the box - quite ingenious.
* All the extra stuff are fine - T-shirt seems of good quality, the print is fine (although what I'm going to do with that I do not know, not like the wife will allow that on the wall....),a nd the extra die are cool.
* The only minor issue I have so far is that the cards (items, random events etc) are a bit small - they seem to disappear in my hands, and I would have preferred regular sized cards. But once the zombies start pounding on the door I don't really think that will be something you worry about too much.

So far, it seems a brilliant game, with great miniatures, and I cannot wait to try it out.

The contents of the box (including the Abomination additions). My own camera ate the picture so this one is stolen from www.goodreads.com/author/show/5151420.Michael_Langlois/blog who wrote a review of the game

All the best,

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