Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Manliest of Manly Terrain - Beer Coaster terrain!

Hello all,
Today I have the honour of presenting the Manliest of Manly Terrain ever produced! The Beer Coaster Terrain Things! Prepare to want one now!
All that aside, I found that the beerbottles we drink while wargaming had a small tendency to remove some of the flock on my gamingmat, so I figured we needed some proper beercoasters that would fit into the whole terrain look.
So, without any further ado, I give you: BCTTs (Beer Coaster Terrain Thingstm):

 Whats not to love? Combining the two essentials of wargaming; Beer and Terrain!

Missing their most important ingredient, but still looking good.

Now if only we could remember to use them in the heat fo the battle :-)

All the best,


  1. ah ah great idea! is it a standard for all rules or each one will have its own measures?

  2. They look great! A welcome addition to any games table.

  3. On top of good modeling skills, I am pleased to see good taste in beverage choice as well.

  4. Cheers Nick! And I do believe the choice of beer is the most important part of each wargame - followed closely by army composition etc. :-).


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