Monday, 22 October 2012

Tired of shaking Vallejo paints?

Hello all,
Painting the bazillion Zombies included in the game Zombicide! required using quite a few colours that I normally never use for painting my 10mm armies. And as these are Vallejo paints it means that they were completely seperated. As anyone who has used Vallejo knows these paints are among the best out there - their colour pigments are excellent and a pleasure to paint with. But - and this is a big but - they also seperate verye asilyu and once seperated they need approximately 10 minutes of shaking to get back into shape and become the colour they used to be. This really annoys me, and being lazy I never really shook them as much as they needed whereby they wouldn't really cover nor shine as well as they could.
So to solve this problem I devised the following gizmo to shake my paints for me - almost instantly and without any hassle. And its free as well:

It is basicly a container (in this case a small plastic bottle which can hold three Vallejo paints at one time), a random piece of metal tool that can fit into a drill, and a power drill.
The lid of the container is quickly attached to the metal tool (in this case by tape).
And, presto, after five minutes of construction time, and five seconds of "drilling" the paints go from completely seperated pigments to fully shaken and perfect coverage and colour. It literally takes a few seconds to shake three pots of colour and it is a lot more fun to work with a power drill than to sit and shake for five minutes of your precious painting time.

Lets name it the "Kasper Gizmo!" :-).

Best regards,


  1. Nice one! I'll have to give this a try myself...I hate shaking paint pots but I love Vallejo paints.

  2. You might want to put in a disclaimer that using one of these is at one's own risk. Seems there could be some paint bottle projectiles if something comes loose. :)

  3. @ Lee and Dartfrog: Thanks - let me know if you build one and have any improvement suggestions.

    @Aquahog: Heh! Didn't think about that but hey - perhaps that could be used as the basis of an art project - total random painting :-).
    Although I really don't think the lid can come loose under any circumstances.


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