Thursday, 15 July 2010

Unknown Cannon - 10mm (Armies in Miniature?)

Hello all!
Well this cannon was bought on Ebay and I am not certain of which company produced it (if you happen to know I would really appreciate the info!). It is fairly small and I would say around 8mm but actually have quite a lot of detail although the faces were a bit difficult to get any detail on.
Hmm - after a chance encounter with some minis on Ebay I believe this cannon might be from the old Armies in Miniature product range of the English Civil Wars and is called a "Medium Gun". At least the artillery crew looks similar and the cannon is close - maybe it is a "Light Gun" but there are no pictures of those (as usual!). 
That is the closest I have come to an ID of this cannon so until anyone else offers more compelling evidence that is what I will call it :-).

Here is a comparison with the 12mm cannon from Kallistra featured in the last post.

Anyways - we played the Master Gunner scenario Tuesday and all had a blast - great fun and I'll write the report when I get back from the next weeks conferences.

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