Thursday, 29 July 2010

Games Workshop - 10mm Empire Great Cannons

Hello all,
A few more guns from the collection of the Master Gunner. This time it is a couple of Empire Great Cannons made by Games Workshop. And they are great - tons of detail on both crew and cannon while still being a good size for the timeperiod.

Fun to play with, fun to paint - it is a win-win :-).
Best regards,


  1. Hi Kasper

    Your mastergunner scenario looks really fun - have you had a chance to play it yet? If you play it in the future make sure to get a photo of all the mixed cannons together!

    Oh, and I was looking back over some older posts and the sarmatian "big nose" standard is a figure from Magister Militum 'Saxon Command' pack - I have also just bought some of the same on Ebay! (To use as Viking command figures probably)

    Take care

  2. Hello Simon!
    We actually played it a couple of weeks ago (and there will be a report coming soon but I've had to travel since unfortunately) and we all literally had a blast :-). I think we will soon have a siege and are trying to figure out what bonus the side that captured the Master Gunner should get from winning the scenario. Maybe a free grand battery or a reroll a turn or something.
    Nice blog you have btw - I always enjoy reading other peoples view on Warmaster
    Best regards,


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