Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Scottish Pikemen of the 100 Years War - 10mm Kallistra Miniatures

Hello all!
Another unit done - this time from Kallistra and their 100 Years War line. These are Scottish Pikemen, and I really like the way they are split between aggressive stances and passive. 
Again great Kallistra 10mm (or rather 12mm) models that are full of character. Especially when in column this unit looks very impressive - at least I think so :-).
The paintjob is so-so - I can see I will have to get back to these and add some more detail to the shields etc. 
Anyways enjoy and click to enlarge the buggers :-):

Coming up in the near future will be a battle report featuring 2000p of Yorkian troops against a combined Carthagian and Teutonic Order army (Very anachronistic .-)) as well as some new hills I finally got around to finishing.

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