Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blood and Heroes

Well - as written earlier life seems to make painting minis and terrain impossible at the moment. Luckily there are other options :-).
At a recent fleamarket I managed to buy a copy of the old game Heroquest. I played this 15 years or something ago in the gaming club I attended back then (memory-flashback!) and remembered it fondly.
So it was with great joy I found a copy lying among used toys and clothes and managed to get the price haggled down to 1.5£ for the entire box. That's about 30-40 minis (of surprisingly quality for old plastic minis) and the board as well as all the cardboard stuff. Only thing missing is one of the attackdice but we will manage.

Once we got home my son (aged five) was all worked up and we had a quick game (the rules are simple and intuitive enough to get us started within five minutes) and he had a blast - he was enjoying it immensely and has since been pestering me for another go at it. It did help that he won easily (i might have tweeked the rules a bit .-)) and never knew how much he was learning while playing - it is actually great for counting and getting to think about what consequences his actions have. Actually we both had a brilliant hour with the game and my wife has decided to try it as well so this friday we're going to have a gamenight in the family. Wuhuu!
An added bonus is that my son has been asking to try and paint some minis and now he can paint these and even game with them - the perfect combination, and all for under 2£.

Apart from that I bought a new computer game recently; a remake of that old and superb boardgame Bloodbowl, made by a french company called Cyanide.

The game is a faithful remake - all the rules are in and most of the races as well and it feels very much like the boardgame which I always enjoyed playing. I'm about thirty mathces into the campaing with my Chaos team and they are great fun - most having mutations and are well skilled by now.
Last game saw my Mino (str6, block and claw - nasty) injure four trolls (one twice as he was apothecaried and the other was the starplayer Ripper who got a broken back in the first block of the game), the fun of the game is so bloody great I look forward to each game immensely.
The only downside is that the AI is incredibly stupid - truly horrendous to see a troll try and dodge while skinks try to form ballcages. This might be annoying (I have lost only one game so far - bloody woodelves) but the game is so enjoyable that I forgive the AI and just laugh at it when it tries something stupid.
And the thing I always liked best about the game was the campaign part of getting skilled players and designing them for specific roles and this game is perfect for this - all the games you wish for and the models are instantly recognizable with their mutations and the like showing up when they get them.
Most enjoyable and highly recommended - there is a massive online part where one can play everyone else but I have not tried that yet as my gaming time is very sporadic at the moment.

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