Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ebay acquisitions

Hi all - I bought some more minis at Ebay:
60 Gothic Infantry from Magister Militium
60 Early Saxon Infantry from Magister Militum
30 Late Roman Infantry from Pendraken
21 foot and 13 mounted command figures teutonic from Kallistra
16 Mounted Teutonic knights from Kalliostra.
Retail: 35,2£ - Ebay: 22,91£ (with Shipping) - Saving: 12,29£
That's pretty neat - I needed more "primitive" infantry for my warband contingents and with the right colours I am not concerned if their shields might be the wrong size for a given era - its 10mm!
The Teutonics I might keep or pass on to Uffe (who insists on using them, even though we all now they are "broken" in their current armylist... :-)).

So that's at least five new infantry units for 16£ averaging around 3£ each - not the greatest savings ever, but all right for my taste.

Pictural evidence:

Kallistra Teutonic Knights
Kallistra Teutonic Foot Command
Teutonic Mounted Command
Magister Militum; think these are the early saxons? The detailing is actually quite good (better than it looks on this picture) and they look like a "fun" paintjob - which is the most important factor for me. there are some nice command models as well.
Pendraken - not my taste (the face of number two is horrid as are some of the detailing on the others).

Now to get painting.....

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