Thursday, 6 March 2014

TSR 1983 Troll B 5305 - almost done...

Hello all,
Remember that weird, so-called Mud Golem I accidentally bought on Ebay? Well it is almost done and it has been fun painting it.
TSR, 1983, Troll B, 5305, painted
The 'Nurgle' Troll with some of his friends in the painting queue...

Well there are almost no crisp details and some weird sculpted stuff but it was so interesting it jumped ahead in the painting queue.

TSR, 1983, Troll B, 5305, painted

Just needs some work on the base (I couldn't bring myself to remove the old solid base, so chopped up a GW base and inserted the old mini) and perhaps something it has torn apart on the base...

A lot better than it used to look:

All the best,

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