Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ebay addiction: Old Target, I-Kore and Celtos miniatures

Hello all,
Why on earth did I do that?!? Why did I buy more lead on ebay, even though I have more than enough for me, my sons and their sons to paint?
Oh well, there were two reasons; firstly it was so cheap! and secondly, I needed them - well I needed one of the minis and I could use the rest :-).

It was a large batch which included the following four warriors:

Target, Miniatures, Warriors, ebay

The two on the left will become the leaders of my Nurgle warband, while the two on the right will serve in my Slaaneshi warband.
The base on the first three says "Target" - a miniature company I'm completely unfamiliar with so with anyone has a link to painted examples or got a history lesson prepared I would love the info! The last guy's tab is clotted with superglue but it may say "Eldorado"? Anyone?
Three of the chaps miss their hands but this matters not - the slaaneshi will receive a blessing by their god in the form of daemonette claws and the nurgle warrior may get a tentacle.

Next up is this fine Shaman:

Lugh, Long Arm, Celtos, Ebay

Apparently he is "Lugh the Long Arm" - although it looks like both his arms are the same length, luckily :-). Celtos miniature and one I look forward to painting.

The last one in this post is this pretty cat:

Amanthas, the Huntress, Sabretooth, Ebay, Miniature, Smilodon, Celtos

It is the Sabretooth from the Celtos set "Amanthas the Huntress with Sabretooth". A beauty and the reason I bought the lot in the first place. I've got big plans for this cat and there will be browny points to anyone who can guess what they are :-).

Amanthas, the Huntress, Sabretooth, Ebay, Miniature, Smilodon, Celtos

It is a beautiful cat and one of those miniatures you just cannot wait to paint :-).

More ebay-stuff next time!

All the best,


  1. Target Games, producer of Warzone and Chronopia. I think that all three miniatures are from Chronopia range.

    1. Hi Inkub! Brilliant and thanks - never seen them before and I know little of those companies. You wouldn't happen to know which type these are? I still struggle to find any pictures of them on the Net and would love to have their precise names.

  2. The one on the right is Gilles de Rais from Hell Dorado

    1. Hi Raspoutine! Thanks - what a lovely series of miniatures. Looking at the mini I can see how brilliant the "official" paint job is, someone has really worked some magic on that mini. I look forward to painting it :-)

  3. Hi Kasper, sorry for taking so long to answer. Well, considering I've worked for TG once... I know a little bit.

    First on the left is Tribal Warrior Leader from the Sons of Kronos army.
    Second and third miniatures seem to be from the Devout faction - third is maybe Dark Eye? I'm not really sure.
    Target Games made Warzone and Chronopia wargames, Doomtrooper CCG, Kult RPG and CCG and many others. You may recognize them from Mutant Chronicles RPG too and currently one of its successor companies is making Europa Universalis series of computer games and many others...

    1. Hi Inkub - brilliant info, thanks! It is an entire world I've never heard about and I'll make sure to research it a bit :-).


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