Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Destroyed Farms - terrain 10mm

Hello all,
I figured my tabletop looked too "clean" and un-warlike so I made these:

 There is a bit of everything on these (GW casualty markers, trees from a cheapo company in china, etc) but I think they work - it does look more warlike around them :-).

 Used some of my "magic blood" on these - very happy with that paint!

All the best,



  1. Nice. These will definitely add some character to the battle field. Did you do a wash on the horse casualty marker? It looks in need of some shading.

  2. A couple of those are definitely jR Miniatures models, correct?

  3. @Sean: They do add atmosphere. Now that I look at the horse it it does look significantly different than in real life - I think the flash burned of the shadows and made it more orange. It looks better in real life :-).

    @ Itinerant: You are right - JR Miniatures (more precisely: #1373 Assorted Destroyed Bldgs 4pc). Thanks for the name - bought them as part of a large Ebay shopping spree and forgot who made them.


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