Friday, 6 July 2012

Chaos Sorcerer - Heroquest - Games Workshop 28mm

Hello all,
Once in a while it is fun to whip out one of the huge 28mm figures and dab some paint on it. Having mainly painted 10mm during the last years, it is quite interesting to paint something bigger - although the interesting thing is I find I use the same paintbrushes :-)

this here happy chap is the Chaos Sorcerer from that old brilliant game by Games Workshop called Heroquest. We (my eldest son (7) and my wife) play the game infrequently but enjoy it, so the figures deserve some paint. And they are actually (for late 80's/early 90s plastics) quite good, and they ooze atmosphere.

Once again, I used my newfound favorite - that blood paint from Tamiya (Color Acrylic Paint Clear Red)  to give him some extra gore...

 Not bad for 30 minutes worth of relaxing painting time :-)

All the best,


  1. He's very jolly.
    You should paint up a Warmaster one too.
    This one's in a similar pose:

    Tom WD

  2. TWD; Thats a brilliant idea - I just might have one hidden somewhere :-)

  3. It's just my sensation, or the helmet is modified? The original one cover the front more than this one

    1. Hi anon,
      I'm not completely sure but I think this is the standard issue Chaos Sorcerer Helmet - at least I have not modified it in any way and looks a lot like the common ones on the Internet.
      All the best,


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