Friday, 25 June 2010

Kallistra Miniatures - 10mm Romano British Spearmen (Hallagor)

Hello all - another finished unit, this time redone from the original paintjob to make them fit better in with the rest of the army's colours. This unit is a Romano British Spearman unit from Kalistra Miniatures. These were also known as their Halligor range from their fantasy minis and it shows that these are some of their earleist minis. While big (12mm as are all Kallistra) they are clumsy and undefined especially compared to some of their later minis. That being said they do look alright on the field and are very easy to paint.

Sorry about the pictures being a bit yellowish...

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  1. very nice minis there!!

    where did you get the background that you use in your photos?

    ill be having a good look through your blog later

  2. Hello and thanks for the comment - the background is made by "Peco Scenics" and was bought for a few dollars somewhere on the net. It can be seen here in all its glory :-):


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