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Licklust - Slaaneshi Minotaur - Games Workshop 1991 - Warband 1

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I know it has been a bit quite during the last month, but fear not - 'cos I've been busy. I finally managed to get the last beastmen from Fenris miniatures, got them painted, fell in love with the resin bases they came with, decided I needed to rebase the entire warband on these, ordered them, got them painted, and finally got some pictures of the (almost) finished warband.

As a project mainly consisting of painting old lead from the lead-mountain there was really no plan, nor any purpose apart from having fun. And it has been fun, and great to revisit old minis and also trying to get them all to more-or-less fit in a single Slaaneshi warband.

The first to be shown (and I'll go through the entire warband, even though I may have shown some previously but I've lost track and they have all been rebased so I've decided it is allowed :-)) is this stunning old minotaur from Citadel:

Citadel, minotaur, mace, 1991, painted, oldhammer, slaanesh

His details in the Citadel catalogue from 1991 are pretty boring - simply titled "Minotaur with Mace 1" and designed by "the Citadel Design Team". Annoyingly anonymous. Hence, to bring him back to life and make him suitable for a Slaaneshi rampage I've named him Licklust. A much better name than "with Mace" (although that is a pretty massive mace!).

Citadel, minotaur, mace, 1991, painted, oldhammer, slaanesh
One of the reasons most Oldhammers know this particular minotaur is that brilliant conversion and paintjob by Dale Hurst:

Still one of the top-ten classics of the time, it can be seen along with the other stunning models over at the brilliant blog

I thought about going this route but I really wanted to just paint this beautiful mini as it is. Perhaps if I find another I'll give it a more exotic paintjob.

Citadel, minotaur, mace, 1991, painted, oldhammer, slaanesh

The mini is a pretty good example of the time - tons of character (just look at that face!), and some not so great details (toes, mace-handle) but despite these it was a pleasure to paint.

Citadel, minotaur, mace, 1991, painted, oldhammer, slaanesh

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