Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mutated Beastmen from Fenris - Perky and Vic - Oldhammer Beastmen

Hello all,
As this is 'Conference-season', life is a bit busy. But luckily I've got a few painted miniatures that I've not yet uploaded. The two below were bought alongside Bob and Thumper (such stupid names) and have been baptised as Perky and Vic (almost as stupid names :-)) by Fenris Games. Perky is a Goatkin Warrior while Vic is a Goatkin Scout. Quite appropriately, Perky is a brutish beastman with more than a hint of a warthog, while Vic is a graceful antelope mixture.

I tried to exaggerate Perky's piggish origin by giving him a more pinkish colour scheme. He carries a sickle and no armour - emphasizing the tribal feel these beastmen, or Goatkin, by Fenris all have.

Vic, on the other hand, seemed to demand a light paint scheme. I choose a very white which looks alright, although on hindsight behaps the pale colour might not be suitable for a scout? She carries a small dagger and a light club and, again, no armour.

Here is Perky's privates - love the realism and scuplting skill put into these beasts.

As with Bob and Thumper, these are an absolute pleasure to paint. I would really like to paint the entire Fenris Goatkin range. And as for their use, while I probably will never get to use them, they do seem absoolutely perfect for a small Beastman warband - a retinue for a Chaos Champion, a small unit for Warhammer or anything similar. Full of character!

All the best,


  1. Very interesting, I like this beast(person) project.

  2. Hi Sean! I like them too - in fact, I like them so much I just bought a few more from Fenris. They were 20% off, so how could I refuse...


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