Thursday, 19 September 2013

Amazing luck - Laughing Ferret, Blood Bowl, and weird coincidences


Now I've had some brilliant luck recently - mainly revealed by me winning the give-away held by the talented Laughing Ferret. This meant I won this pretty boy:

Blood Bowl, Dwarf, judge, painted
Picture property of Laughing Ferret

The reason for me choosing this Blood bowl judge (apart from getting a pretty painted mini) was that my oldest son (age 9) has been talking about trying his hand at Blood Bowl. I've played Zombicide and similar games with him, but have felt les certain about Blood Bowl. The reasons being that the rules for this game are actually quite complicated (especially if you come from a culture without any references to American Football. The other reason is that I do not own a copy of Blood Bowl.

But this Monday we decided the time had come and I set about printing a pitch, dugouts, rules, and other interesting stuff. This makes it possible to set up a game and give it a few tests (good link here to some nice free pitches and here to rules, etc.).

Now the primary thing that is really difficult to print out is the dice needed for the game - the blocking dice.

Blood bowl, homemade, DIY, Blocking dice
Home made blocking dice
And now comes an example of amazing coincidences; the very same day where my son and I had painted some old dice to represent blocking dice and had agreed to try a short game that evening, a parcel arrives. And lo and behold, in it was the dwarf judge and three blocking dice which I had completely forgotten would be part of the prize. The very same day! From the other side of the planet.
That is just mindboggling.

Blood Bowl, Dice, NAF, Blue
Mindboggling dice - and pretty ones as well!

Anyways, this meant that we could get started - I brought out my big box of forgotten miniatures:

Blood bowl, old miniatures, orc, dwarf

 There are some cool stuff in that box - really old, badly painted, GW minis and other weird stuff

And we both choose a team - he went for dwarfs (crap, I hate that team), so I choose Orcs in order to get some simple scrimmage going, and none of the more complicated passing games I normally prefer.

And we had a great time:
Blood bowl, orc, dwarf
Well, we had a great time most of the time - not when ones favourite dwarf suffers an injury :-)

Blood Bowl is one of the best games ever to have been produced by Games Workshop, hell by any company. I really love it, and even though he only scratched the surface of the game, my son fell in love with it (he also badly hurt several of my orcs, which may have assisted his love of the carnage brought about by Blood Bowl).

So, thanks to Laughing Ferret for posting the parcel when he did and thanks to Games Workshop for producing such a brilliant game.

Anyways, thanks for reading - if you found the post interesting then any comments or tips are greatly appreciated!
Until the next time; stay safe and prepare to slaughter dwarfs!

All the best,


  1. "Blood Bowl is one of the best games ever to have been produced by Games Workshop, hell by any company."

    It sure is! Welcome to the party gentlemen!

  2. Very cool, great timing :)

    Glad you like the items & that you'll be getting use out of them.
    I'm sure the ref, being a dwarf, will favor your son's team.. so be careful!

  3. That's great Kasper. I have yet to play, I'll have to take a look at your links. My son's first game of flag football this season is on Saturday, so great timing.

  4. Howdy guys!
    Sean you really need to give it a go - I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the game and the campaign-like rules for a continued team.
    And Laughing Ferret - once again thanks for the gift and its immaculate timing!
    We need to set up a blogger-league og Blood bowl :-).
    All the best,


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