Friday, 14 June 2013

Modern life is rubbish

Hello people,
Games Workshop and its development in recent years continues to confuse me. Then I found the following quote which succinctly summarizes what is going on at GW:

"Sometimes I think GW have grown tired of seeing just how far they can keep pushing the price up before it all goes titsup and have diversified in seeing just how far they can keep pushing the quality of ideas downwards."

Games Workshop GW sucks wtf

Oh well, they did give us Skavens, Blood Bowl, Warmaster, and a long list of other excellent ways of wasting ones youth, so I'll forgive them their current madness (although I won't buy the bile they produce).

Oh, what caused this post?
This 'thing':

A Khorne Cannon? Khorne which is supposed to be all about martial prowess getting a cannon? And why does it look like a motorcycle? A motorcycle with a the head of a meateating parrot? 
Makes no sense on so many levels, and sadly destroys the lore.

All the best,

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  1. To me GW has really "jumped the shark" at this point. They are so far removed from inventive gaming fun that I have no desire to support them. I think I'm only going to buy or trade for old stuff at this point.


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