Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Using Games Workshop Liquid Green Stuff

Hello all,
Although the Zombicide miniatures are brilliant sculpts they, like all other plastics, suffer from the occasional hole or damaged area. I bought some of Games Workshops Liquid Green Stuff and gave it a go to see if it could fix the problem. The stuff is really thick gooey solution of Green Stuff (watered down) and seems to work excellent.
The test candidate was Nick the Cop - who seems to have suffered a bullet wound to the leg.

Zombicide Green Stuff Games Workshop Nick Cop
A dab of the thick geen stuff (using an old and soon to die brush) just before applying it.

Zombicide Green Stuff Games Workshop Nick Cop

And viola! The damaged part is no more. The Green Stuff dries quickly and leaves no marks, in fact it turns out completely smooth.

Zombicide Green Stuff Games Workshop Nick Cop

Now this is the same as I used to do many moons ago with watered down green stuff, so I was not surprised it would work, but this is so much easier. Instead of having to get out a blob of green stuff and getting it to the right substance, here you just pop open the lid and a few seconds later the job is finished.

Not bad, Games Workshop.

All the best,


  1. Looks like a good result. Seems like a good idea if you want to quickly patch a figure.

  2. Hi Sean, yup for quick and small repairs it really is worth the money. I'll be trying a few head swaps in the near future so I'll report back on how it fares on larger gaps - might take several applications but with the quick drying time that shouldn't be a problem...


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