Thursday, 27 December 2012

Games Workshop's Space Hulk - Made in Denmark?

Hello all,
Just noticed that the forthcoming Iphone (Ipad?) version of the best game Games Workshop ever made (i.e. Space Hulk) is being made by a Danish Company. A company based in Copenhagen called "Full Control". I have no idea who they might be but the fact that this game is being produced in my backyard is pretty fun. I used to play the original board game every wednesday night and there is so much fun in those dark scary corridors.
Twenty years ago (more or less, probably more...) I was at a gaming conference where we (twenty players) played one squad member each, could only communicate with team members nearby and the entire room was pitch black except emergency beacons etc. Loud scary music. Easily one of the best gaming experiences ever...
And now it will be coming on the Ipad. Apparently similar to the game X-Com, which looks good.

Oh well, really hope they do the brand and country proud :-).

Full Control:

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