Thursday, 2 February 2012

New trees and other terrain pieces

Hello all,
As I seem to have a knack for forgetting what brand and where from I purchase things this is mostly a "forget-me-not" note to myself :-).
I recently bought some stuff from Angelbarracks (excellent delivery speed);
10 straight sandback sections (which I use as walls).
10 Gates (2 in each so 20 gates)
4 wooden fences (two in each so 8 of those) for more obstacles
and,  best of all, 11 new trees made by KM - three fir and the rest deciduous. They are really nice, perhaps on the small side.
And then a pot of paint from Coat D'arms. New brand for me, wanted to try them out and have had trouble finding a good "woody"-brown that doesnt dry out or get clumpy too fast.

All the best,


  1. Good idea. I am constantly forgetting where I purchased things from.

  2. :-) - must be all the superglue sniffed through the years!


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