Monday, 11 July 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 36 - Harpy Command Group

Hello all,
I can't remember if they were allowed to have one, but I couldn't resist adding another banner and command group to my unit of Harpies. The photos below are of the musician and the champion, next up will be the bannerbearer.
The musician really turned out well and still looks pretty imposing :-).

 And the champion also looks like he would love to smack you into next week...

Hope you enjoyed them.

Best regards,


  1. I like these guys. Hard to believe that harpies have been part of one army or another since warhammer was first conceived and yet GW have never made a half-way decent figure really! I like the idea of flying beastmen and you've got the wings to work really well with the original models, wouldn't guess that they are conversions.

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