Sunday, 27 February 2011

Old Skaven Madness - part 1 - Plague Monk Banner

Hello all!
Skaven!?! I hear you utter in surprise and ridicule, but yes: Skaven!
Twenty or twenty five years ago I began playing Warhammer and did so seriously for at least 15 years (e.g. a ton of competitions and at least a game every fourteen day). After this period I still enjoyed painting and converting these 28mm figures. 
The result is a Skaven army that includes ancient models, an absurd amount of conversion and about a million manhours :-). But unfortunately also a Skaven army (about 7000points) that I have not really seen in ten years due to my dislike of the last couple of Warhammer editions ("Herohammer").
This complete lack of interest (or rather feeling a great sadness every time I saw their containers in the basement) has somewhat disappeared due to the new edition of Warhammer that stresses the type of armies I enjoyed (huge blocks) and the new Skaven models. But no, I probably wont be playing any Warhammer games but I decided to take out the old rats and take a few pictures of them - which resulted in a nice afternoon of reliving old days :-).
I´ll start out with the banner bearer and champion from one of the Plague monk units as the banner really sums up my skaven army :-).
Plague Monk Banner

The Banner bearer is the old plague monk banner bearer, while the champion is a combination of a jezzail champion and a globadier hand, and a couple of horns to finish him off. The banner proudly presents a minotaur head - probably one that they have recently killed. There used to be some more stuff on top of the head but that seems to have fallen off.

Plague Monk Banner

I hope you´ll come back and see more of these Skaven as I share them over the next weeks.
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