Tuesday, 4 January 2011

More Ebay

Hello all,
been a bit quite during december as I couldnt keep up with work anf family demanding too much time. I did manage to spend some more money on ebay (I have decided that these will be the last purchase in a long time - I have more lead than I could paint in a year).
These are more infantry units (which I always seem to need) with nice detail and variation which for me equals painting fun.

10mm Pendraken Ancient British Chariots x 1 Pack. (310253725213#)

The first batch was10mm Magister Militum Viking Bondi:

10mm Mediaeval H.Inf - I think these are Magister as well?

And two packs of 10mm Pendraken Ancient British Chariots- just because I have never painted any chariots :-). I am still not a fan of Pendraken but at least the horses look fine here.
All that (five packs) for 12 pounds, including shipping to Denmark! How am I supposed to avoid buying from Ebay???

Guess thats it - happy new year and all that,
Best regards,


  1. Another great deal - I've got an entire Warmaster Viking army off ebay in individual lots. Really need to get round to basing and painting them!

    The chariot kit is quite good, but its improved if you drill out the wheels and fit a wire axle and bend an elongated "M" out of wire as a yoke for the horses. I've got a few and that's the way I've put them together. I keep meaning to do a guide on my blog...

  2. Simon: Sounds interesting - Could you supply a picture of the yoke you made?

  3. Hi Kasper, I've finally got that modelling guide up about the Pendraken Chariots.


    Enjoy! ;)


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