Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New Cheap Unit Bannerpoles with Flags (DIY)

Hello all,
I have been searching for a way to do banners for my units. As I have trouble sticking to one army and I really like to play different types of armies each time I cannot make permanent banners. So I needed some way to make bannerpoles, banners and something that would stay with the unit all through a game without ruining the base.

My solution is this:

These banners are made from something I found in a local hobby shop. The thing below were intended for small paper snowmen as glasses. Cheap as well 1£ gives me twelve poles.
They are metal and each provides two banner poles once they are cut in two.

With banners printed out and glued on they look like this:

And with the magnetic bases of all my units they will stick even when the unit is lifted from the table:

The whole thing is quick and easy, inexpensive and will allow me to have several sets of banners (e.g. for a House of York army or a French Ordonnance army) to switch between depending on what army I feel like playing. It will also allow me to have an army where the banners proudly display each unit and its origin - something I have missed in the past.
I might even find something appropriate to glue onto the top of each and paint the pole a more wood like colour with time :-).

A few pictures of the end result:

Hope you enjoyed my new bannerpoles - I am quite pleased with them :-).

Best regards,


  1. great idea kasper, really.
    just a question. which was the support where you glued on the banners?

  2. Howdy Luca! Not sure I understand your question but if you are asking what type of glue I used then it was normal wood glue (or white glue). Hope that helps, otherwise ask again :-).

  3. Great idea, there are many uses for this. I wonder what would happen if you left the wire longer and arranged it in a rectangle to evenly lift the figure base?


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