Monday, 15 August 2011

Im Westen nichts Neues

Hello all - and a big welcome to the newest followers: great to have you onboard.

While everything is a bit quite at this blog for the time being (mainly due to the "summer" and work related issues) I would like to point out a list of relevant articles for 10mm (and 6mm) posted here:

I wish I had access to those magazines. If you do read any of them, please let me know if anything really intriguing are mentioned in them - especially new rules :-).

Best regards,


  1. The articles are all interesting, the hidden deployment one from the current issue is particularly good.
    Batlegames is a great mag and you can get electronic back issues and CD's from the web site here:

    There's even a free download (sadly no 10mm stuff) here too:

    As Wargames mags go it's a good 'un, worth subscribing IMO.

  2. Hi TWD!
    Hmm, I wouldnt mind subscribing to some of these but I never thought they dealt with 10mm material. Will have to reconsider :-).

    About the hidden deployment rules - are they substantial or is it just three examples of using a sheet to divide the table?

    Best regards,

  3. They're only just over a page long, with another page of reduced size card templates (the full size templates can be downloaded free from the Battlegames site).
    Essentially the idea is to deploy appropriately sized cards instead of units to create a "fog of war" effect.
    If you'd only be buying the magazine for that article then its probably not worth it, but Battlegames is a good read as a whole IMO.
    Hope that helps,


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